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  • Rusty High Resolution Textures for iPhone 4 and iPod 4
  • Post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic design in Metal Alloy with monochrome Cathode Ray Tube display
  • Reliable Post-Atomic Clock and Calendar
  • GPS powered real-time weather hazards detector (acid rain, UV radiation, toxic fog and many other)¹
  • Target Maps - Select a target location or pinpoint your current one and let Pipclock calculate distance and direction (follow the arrow pointer on the compass)¹
  • Landscape mode to use PipClock on your wrist
  • Hidden Retractable Compartment, easily accessed sliding the main screen
  • Analog Magnetic Compass with realtime Sun Position and Target Indicator
  • Realistic Geiger Counter with sounds and smoke!
  • Real-time Thermometer and Barometer¹
  • Nearby Landmarks Detector (or what's left of them)¹
  • Dashboard mode - All the important data in one screen
  • Self Protection Reinforced Hull (shake the device to Protect the PipClock from a Nuclear Explosion)
  • Nuclear powered Flashlight with three different lightning presets (Broken Neon, Sleep mode, Emergency)
  • Sunset - Sunrise Forecast with countdown to sunset and sunrise
  • Status of the day graph - check out the percentage of sunlight left or how long you have to wait until the light illuminates the wasteland
  • Moon phase calculator
  • Arpanet connection to receive important messages broadcasted by the Federal Government from its underground shelter¹
  • Help and Settings to configure your device

¹ Requires GPS and Network Connection


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The Geiger Counter


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